Customer Reviews

"We are happy to have found a local hosting company, with national hosting power, and great customer support. Highly Recommended!"

Kirk Sporman

"Our business depends on reliable, efficient and professional-grade hosting. Tranquil went way beyond providing hosted servers - their experts helped us streamline our entire development, production and support process. Their commitment to our business success has earned Tranquil Hosting our trust as a rock-solid reliable business partner."

Michael Schneider

"What REALLY sets Tranquil Hosting apart from the others is their customer service and level of commitment to their customers. Their customer service, to me, is worth a lot. I can work pretty well at the admin control panel level, but at the root level, I am clueless. Although I have root access, Tranquil has always taken care of me when I need to get in there."

Randy Wiley

"They are more than a great service provider, they are a partner that I can rely on at all times. "

Appraisal Nation

"Solid up-time, pro-active monitoring, great customer service, pleasant and knowledgeable customer service reps."

eNet Innovations

"Tranquil consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we receive the best hosting service on the planet. I contact support pretty consistently with questions and they always respond at lightning speed. I work with lots of vendors and some make my life more difficult but Tranquil is the one service provider we have that I can always rely on! "

Whitecoat Designs